Recently i have installed IIQ in my laptop, while trying to start the application i am facing issue

Without more context as to what you did or any additional error messages, this is going to be a very difficult issue to try and identify. It’s hard to say if Tomcat wasn’t restarted after the IIQ WAR was deployed, if the WAR was deployed to the right place, if a DB issue caused the IIQ app to fail to start, etc. I’d first suggest looking at your Tomcat stdout and logs to see if there are any error messages there that might help give you some direction. Barring that, I’d recommend going back and restart the IIQ installation process from the beginning, following the steps in the IIQ Installation Guide.

Given the limited information provided, it is difficult to offer a specific solution to your problem. However, a recommended course of action would be to begin by examining the Tomcat logs in order to identify any error information. Additionally, it is advisable to verify the accuracy of the database connection information specified in the file. You can utilize iiq.console to perform this verification as well. Finally, it is important to confirm whether the IdentityIQ application has been deployed correctly.

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