Reading client metadata inside provisioning plan


I am looking to use the clientMetadata attribute to save the service now ticket number while sending the access request from service now. (referring to the client metadata attribute here - create-access-request | SailPoint Developer Community)

Now, I would like to save the service now ticket number in the JDBC source table while provisioning. How do I access the clientMetadata inside the provisioning plan or be able to use it while writing my provisioning rules?

Still struggling with this one. Kindly help.

Hi @vikramsah,

At before provisioning level, you can’t access this information. Because provisioning plan contain only information about action to perfome on sources (add entitelments, account attributes).

I suggest you to think out the box solution. For example a script that pool directly this information from ServiceNow and populate your database.

Isn’t there anything that i can leverage? Like a comment attribute?

In this case it is a JDBC source and one of the columns in the table need to be able to know the servicenow ticket number. Is there an after provisioning flow that can use it? Where is clientMetadata actually to be used then ?

Hi @vikramsah,

I don’t know if this works or not, but please check below thread. They are almost doing the same thing which you want to achieve.

Well, I really wish it’d worked, but looks like it didn’t.