RapidSetup Leaver Error: No serializer registered for class class sailpoint.rapidsetup.plan.LeaverPlanBuilder

Hi all,

We are seeing the following issue for RapidSetup Leaver:

An unexpected error occurred: No serializer registered for class class sailpoint.rapidsetup.plan.LeaverPlanBuilder

The error comes up in the following 2 scenarios:

  1. The user does not have any applications, which are enabled for Leaver under application-level Rapid Setup configuration.
  2. While logging a custom audit, specifically, at the context.commitTransaction() execution.

IIQ Version: 8.1p3

Any inputs will be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

This typically happens when there is no toXml() implementation for a SailPointObject, so the object cannot be serialized as XML and stored in the database properly. leaverPlanBuilder is a variable defined in the OOTB RapidSetup Leaver workflow. It is marked as transient="true". The purpose of this is so that it is never stored in the associated WorkflowCase or TaskResult (therefore, not needing to be serialized). Have you made any customizations to this workflow or removed the transient tag from the leaverPlanBuilder variable by chance.

Hi Patrick, thank you for replying!
There was a duplicate variable added for leaverPlanBuilder, I have removed that, but the issue still persists.
The issue occurs when we launch another workflow, using WorkflowLaunch API, from our main RapidSetup Leaver workflow.
The other workflow takes the provisioning plan, identity name and a custom variable ‘eventType’ as inputs.
As part of this other workflow, we are logging an audit event, and the issue occurs while committing the transaction.

@sonali_manhas What information are you trying to store in the audit event?

@patrickboston It is a custom audit event. We have information such as username, source, action and some custom message for the Value1, Value2 etc.