Query: SailPoint and Microsoft Teams Integration


We have the below two questions regarding SailPoint and Microsoft Teams Integration:

  1. Does SailPoint support integration with Microsoft Teams, If Yes, is it possible to send messages/notifications to Teams from SailPoint using API or is there any other approach available?
  2. Can we create SailPoint Workflow tasks for a specific channel or person or a group in teams?

Since we are completely new to SailPoint, It will be really helpfull if you provide/explain the basics.


@colin_mckibben Could you please help here?

I see this! I need some backup. Let me see about getting someone tagged in.


A few questions, if I may:

  • What version of IIQ are you currently running?
  • Are there other tasks, other than the one you mentioned, that you are hoping to accomplish with an integration with Teams?

As of IIQ 8.3 we now have a MS Teams integration here, but I will say that the integration today is lightweight and focused on bringing SailPoint notifications into Teams.

If you are looking to perform specific tasks, I would be curious to know which tasks you are looking to perform within Teams.