Pushing the boundaries of IdentityNow


Identity Security Cloud provides a wide range of powerful functionalities to handle our use cases. Transforms, Workflows, Roles, Access requests, Segmentation, Rules and more. Each of these concepts has its own strengths and weaknesses. They are created to cover specific use cases, documented by SailPoint. However, the true potential of Identity Security Cloud goes beyond its intended use cases, if used creatively.

This session will focus on managing dormant accounts: We want to automatically disable or even delete application accounts whenever their last login date is more than X days ago. How can we automatically detect dormant accounts and how can we disable/delete them once detected? And once deleted, how do we prevent automatic recreation?

While this presentation focuses on this specific use case, the approach and solution will provide valuable insights of the hidden strengths of some IdentityNow objects and can offer inspiration for maximizing the capabilities of Identity Security Cloud for various other use cases.

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@angelo_mekenkamp, will you being providing the artifacts you developed in your session? It was very informative and a great solution! Thanks!