Plugin - NoClassDefFoundError

I’m having trouble with a plugin that I’m developing in my testing environment.

When I upload the plugin and I try to call it’s functionalities it raises this exception:

I use Eclipse to build the plugin and I have no problems building it.

I tried to follow this post advice:
Failing Plugin load - java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError WebServiceException
But unfortunately still no luck.

The .jar files for “” are inside my lib folder and inside my classpath.

The strange thing is that my colleague used the same libraries on the same environment and he doesn’t have the same problem. It seems like the .jars are linked with the plugin and not the environment.

Any suggestions?


which IIQ version you are testing on? and besides, do you have another poi library under the stand webapp/**/WEB-INF/lib ?

And what rest url you are testing for? may you share an example?