Packaging Angular Project into IdentityIQ Plugin

Hello everyone,

I’ve created a fairly basic angular project that is modularized. It functions properly when I serve it from my IDE, and I am wanting to package this functionality into an IIQ plugin. Will I be able to maintain my angular folder structure (along with the type script used by each of my components), or will I have to refactor everything into a single xhtml file and convert my typescript files over to some specific flavor of javascript (like ES 6)?

Basically, what is the easiest way to develop angular pages so that they can ultimately be packaged into a plugin for use within IdentityIQ?

Somebody may have a better answer than me, but i used vue to build plugin other than angularjs and encountered this same issue there.
So what i did was build the vue to a single js file or into multi chunks with pointing to single html with a div id of app and add that to IdentityIQ plugin project from sailpoint eclispe IDE.

Hello Chris,

After you compiled the Angular project, you simply needs to link the js files into the page.xhtml
And insert the app-root

Then it should work as expected.

Additionally, I will present the topic regarding building SailPoint IIQ Plugin integrating with Angular frontend framework on SailPoint Developers Day (you can find the Agenda here: SailPoint Developer Community) if you are interested, feel free to join.

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