Prototyping IIQ plugins in Angular, or how to turn your Angular app into a plugin


IdentityIQ continues to grow in its usage of the popular front-end framework, Angular. In the end, Angular just creates Javascript and your IIQ plugins leverage that javascript. We’ll use what expertise we have to create Angular apps, to create wonderful IIQ plugins.


So excited to try from my end as well. Is there a way to get those artifacts used during presentation ?

Here you go!

Let me know how it goes for you!


Thank you so much. It helped me to get into the things quickly but I got some issue related URL.
Plugin successfully landing of home page i.e., http://localhost:8181/identityiq_WD_NEW/plugins/pluginPage.jsf?pn=newOne . As soon as page loaded URL pointing to http://localhost:8181/ but still page works . Not sure If I missed any config.

NVM , I have enabled the routing. That created the problem, url looks good after disabling it.

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Indeed! I was just about to suggest that. The plugin framework also uses routing, so you have to be careful enabling that.

Thanks for updating.
This might make for a useful addition :wink:

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