Ownership Transfer For Objects

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As per my understanding, currently IDN does not support auto ownership transfer for objects(roles,access profiles,worflow etc) like if an identity gets removed from the IDN system, all the objects owned by him will be moved to another user’s ownership (his manager/admin/any other active user).

While I believe ownership update is something which can be achieved using custom workflow, I would like to understand if someone has implemented this already and what all considerations needs to be taken. Is it also possible to trigger an approval to new owner before assigning him with the ownership. If the new owner approves, only then assign the corresponding resources to the new owner.

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Hi Anu,

Not sure about sending for approval in Workflow, we can achieve using Forms I guess, I haven’t implemented it yet.

This post might help you, just check.
Workflow for Role Owner Termination - IdentityNow (IDN) / IDN Discussion and Questions - SailPoint Developer Community Forum


Hi Anu,

Please go through this nice blog from Colin

Reassign Object Owners Using IdentityNow Workflows - Blog / Blog Posts - SailPoint Developer Community Forum

Hope this helps for your requirement.


@anujoseIC I will be talking about the object owner reassign workflow in my upcoming livestream as well.

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This is really great work Colin, but I’ll be honest, I hope its short lived.

Accurate ownership/accountability is a core tenet of Governance… I feel like this feature should be a base feature of the platform. Is there any word on that?

I agree. this should be in the product. I see two ideas in our ideas portal for this. You can upvote and comment on them to help increase the priority of these ideas.


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