Operation Needed: "Does Not Contain" for Role Criteria

Hi there,

These are the only options for Operations in the role criteria:

  • Contains
  • Does Not Equal
  • Equals

Is there a reason that “Does Not Contain” was excluded from the Operation options?


Hi Gigi.

The product team probably just didn’t consider this operation at the time of creation. This seems like a pretty low effort addition to role criteria that it doesn’t make sense to open an idea for it. I have gone ahead and opened an engineering ticket on your behalf to get this in front of the team. IDNPALM-4629 for my reference.


Awesome, thank you, @colin_mckibben! :blush:

It would be great to have Starts With and Ends With operators as well. Does Not Contain would definitely be valuable as well. By the way, this looks related to https://ideas.sailpoint.com/ideas/GOV-I-1523

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Or even better… have a check box to reverse the condition :slight_smile:

I added those operators to the ticket.

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Awesome, thanks Colin!

You could still use those through API but then it doesn’t show up properly in UI. The functionality works though.

Starts With and Ends With already exist for Identity Attributes (Not Account Attributes).

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