IdentityNow Role membership criteria

Hello Team,

We’ve created a role and assigned membership criteria to it. Some existing users already satisfy the membership criteria. Our membership criteria are based on IdentityAttribute. i.e. identityattribute equals to “xyz” and identityattribute does not equal to “xyz” etc. But users are not getting roles automatically even though they are inline with the conditions. We are also running a postman identity refresh. Could someone please help? Are we missing anything? etc., so that users will get a role automatically.

Thanks & Regards

Hi Manikanta.

Based on your description, nothing jumps out immediately to me. It’s possible that the criteria aren’t set up properly and therefore not matching on your attributes. Can you please share the details of your role membership criteria along with some sample identity data that should and should not pass the criteria? If there is any sensitive data in your criteria or identities that you don’t want to share, then you can redact or change the attribute names.