Object-oriented programming approach in plugin development


Still struggle implementing a hibernate-liked approach in IIQ Plugin Development? Our innovative solution introduces a Generic Data Access Object (DAO) implementation, eliminating the need for developers to craft complex SQL queries for different databases and operations. Embrace object-oriented programming principles effortlessly, focusing on defining data models and utilize within Beanshell code. Join us for a brief yet impactful presentation, featuring a live demo and public sharing of all materials—code and projects included. Streamline your development process and step into a future with simplicity and collaboration!


Please find the materials below, I am planning to also put the source code into CoLab, but will need to find some time to refactor and clean up a bit. For the moment, please find the presentation and demo package below:

Presentation: SailPoint-DeveloperDays2024-OOP_Plugin_Development.pptx (22.7 MB)
Demo Package demoAbsenceManagementPlugin.zip (315.2 KB)


Hello, nice video, can I get link to Source Code?

Hello @kskendelis

thanks, I just updated the post, you can download the pacakage above.