Not able to get the response from Sap-Grc

While we are able to raise request successfully in IIQ for SAP business Role and once all approvals are done in SAP GRC we can see the user is created with provided role but not able to receive the same response in IIQ .The request status still showing request errors in logs .Currently using 8.3p1 version.Integrated the SAP data generator workflow in LCM.
Do you think any configuration miss on IIQ end.Anyone faced this issue in Past?
Please suggest.

Do you see any error when SAP GRC Request Executor workflow is executed?

No I dont see any error.But strange thing happened on the next day of user creation when i ran PIRM task i got the resonse for my Access request .But i dont see any configuration in Sailpoint which says once in a day i should get response
Next thing ,i can see provisoining status is finished now but still the request show Completion status pending and execution status verifying

You can first try to do it using postman or SOAP API.
If the webservices are reachable or not.
If it is working then you can enable the GRC connector logs and see what is the error for investigation.

SAP GRC executor workflow is not getting executed.

Perhaps that’s where you should begin, as it appears that it’s not being invoked. Consider enabling the loggers and reviewing your workflow/rules to gather more information. If you come across any errors, kindly share them here so that we can assist you further.

Below are the logs 
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<!DOCTYPE Map PUBLIC "sailpoint.dtd" "sailpoint.dtd">
<entry key="requestHeaderDataMap">
<entry key="Bproc" value="Basis"/>
<entry key="Email" value="[email protected]"/>
<entry key="Priority" value="006"/>
<entry key="RequestReason" value="Provisioning from IdentityIq"/>
<entry key="Requestorid" value="xxxxx"/>
<entry key="requestLineItemMap"/>
<entry key="userInfoMap"/>

Ending step Initialize Detail Map
Starting step Stop
Ending step Stop
Ending workflow SAP GRC Data Generator

requestLineItemMap and userInfoMap are going as null thats why not going to SAP GRC executor workflow. Does OOTB workflow requires any modification.
Another doubt even the access request is not success in Sailpoint, but the ids are getting created in SAP system then why on aggregation they are not getting linked.Correlation key is USer ID

Hi @gunjan_f_gupta , have you check the code in the SAP GRC Data Generator workflow to verify what is the way to set userInfoList and requestHeaderDataMap values. According the workflow, Initialize Detail Map step return completeDetailMap map in the following way

completeDetailMap.put("userInfoMap", userInfoList); //userInfoMap);
completeDetailMap.put("requestHeaderDataMap", requestHeaderDataMap);
completeDetailMap.put("requestLineItemMap", requestLineItemList);

return completeDetailMap;

Could you add logs in this step to check how are you getting these values?

SAP GRC Data Generator.xml (31.2 KB)

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