Ng-sanitize error in 8.1p3

I’m running IdentityIQ 8.1p3 dfd55b86e66-20210421-132208.

I have a plugin that uses ui-select (AngularJS ui-select). It requires ng-sanitize.

On IdentityIQ 7.2p3, it works perfectly.

But on 8.1p3, ng-sanitize causes an error:
[$injector:modulerr] Failed to instantiate module ApprovalHierarchyApp due to:
Error: [$injector:modulerr] Failed to instantiate module ngSanitize due to:
TypeError: Object expected
at c (https://localhost/identityiq/plugin/contractorplugin/ui/js/SailPointBundleLibrary.js)

In 7.2p3 ng-sanitize is in its own file: E:\Tomcat8.5\webapps\identityiq\ui\js\lib\angular\angular-sanitize.js.

In 8.1p3 it is inside a bundle.

So how can I fix this, short of not using ui-select?

I submitted a support ticket and this is the response I got:

“Unfortunately, I am unable to help with this. The Angular libraries are not part of our public APIs.”

The ng-sanitize source code is included as part of SailPoint 8.1 release. It is packed inside SailPointBundleLibrary.js.

If SailPoint doesn’t fix this, how can I?

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Turns out my environment is not clean. It has been heavily modified since several years ago. Many JavaScript and XHTML files modified.

So when I created a demo plugin, SailPoint support couldn’t even run it on both 7.2p3 and 8.1p3.

I’ve been had since the beginning, by a vendor that’s no longer here.