Multi-level review process

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Version 8.3

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There’s requirement in multi-level review process when first level reviewer decide to revoke then second level reviewer should not see and review that line item. Can this functionality be achieved in IIQ?

I don’t think it will be easy to hide the revoked action item using ootb UI for next reviewer .

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I don’t think that can be achieved in IIQ or another IGA solution.

This should be possible by adapting LCM Approval and Provisioning workflow.

— Remold

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Hi Krol, this is super interesting, I got excited to know :), If you can shed some light on the mechanism or the process that will be really appreciated.

I’ll provide more details tomorrow, as we are still at the Developer Days :wink:


Sure sure, and BTW your session yesterday for the IIQ Dubgging was extremely useful, thanks again! :slight_smile:

I misread the question yesterday. I thought it was on multi-level approval (which can be achieved by adopting the LCM workflows).

The question is about the multi-level review decisions :slight_smile:

It is possible to enable a ‘Challenge Period’ for the second review. When the certifier does a signoff (from the Active phase), the certification will transition in the ‘Challenge Period’-phase. during this transition a ‘Challenge Period Enter Rule’ will be started (if configured). This rule can change the certification data, like removal of certification items which have been rejected in a previous phase.

The rule type is : CertificationPhaseChange

Examples for this rule can be found in the Whitepaper Rules in IdentityIQ:

Based on the configuration of the certification you need to go through the certification or the certificationItem to see which items can/should be removed for the Challenge-phase.

– Remold


Interesting, will try to simulate it in my lab, thank you!

@anuj_seth if you gonna try then please let us know how it goes :slight_smile: