Name of the workflow/process that gets triggered when owner selects Revoke in Access Review

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Version 8.3

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Hello Everyone,

Could I please know the name of workflow/process that gets triggered when owner selects Revoke in Access Review

Thanks in advance…

There’s no dedicated workflow for that - depending on what you want to achieve you can do that usualy in couple of different ways :slight_smile: would be easier to help if you tell us what is your requirement in the end.

The workflow that gets triggered is the one selected in the Lifecycle configurations, if is OOTB is the LCM Provisioning.

Internally sailpoint would have configured but it’s not visible to us . so you can say no dedicated workflow which you can modify or customize .

but all the connector provisioning rule would still be triggering in case of access review like before / after provisioning rule .

thats not true Vishal, look:

Everything PROVISIONING related is configure here for the OOTB

This is for everything except Access Review .

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It Actually utilizes the Provisioner Class, after calculating the remediation.

so @LohithHarish theres is no process for certifications.

Hi @ipobeidi,

would there be any possible way to customise the default behaviour of certification revoke process or modifying the plan before it gets executed by the provisioner.

You can have a Custom Rule attached before the End Step, but i never tried to use it. Can you explain a Little bit exactly what you need to change?

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still before provisioning rule and after provisiong rule will trigger for application. you can leverage these rules to modify your plan.

I Observed that application’s rules are not getting invoked while SNOW is configured as a provisioning channel.

I think this happen because for the provisioner class.
Are you using a Integration Config?

check the feature string in application xml from debug , does it contain provisioning ?