Manual Identity Refresh via API

Hi Guys,

I am attempting to run an API refresh for multiple Identities. but having a hard time adding users in the uid.

I tried doing this but giving me an error:

“filter” : "uid == "Bat.Man","Super.Man",

Currently I am still taking advantage while /cc/ is still not decommissioned.


   "filter" : "uid == \"Bat.Man\"",
   "refreshArgs" : {
     "correlateEntitlements" : "true",
     "promoteAttributes" : "true",
     "refreshManagerStatus" : "true",
     "synchronizeAttributes" : "true",
     "pruneIdentities" : "true",
     "provision" : "true"

Hope you can help me.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @ABV11 , what error do you encounter.

You can use API which allows multiple Identities to be refreshed.

This post will be helpful - POST /api/system/refreshIdentities - Identity Security Cloud (ISC) / Non-Public API Deprecations - SailPoint Developer Community Forum

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Hi Bryan,

Shailee is right. But if you are still using cc API, make sure the UID is same as the username of that identity. You can confirm that using the identity cube.

In my case, Greg’s IdentityNow Username is Greg Indiana.

@ABV11 ,

Please use @shaileeM 's solution. The /cc/api/system/refreshIdentities API that you are using is deprecated and will be turned off in the next month. It is better to start using the replacement that @shaileeM suggested.

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