Manage SailPoint Admin access from Roles

Is it possible to consider SailPoint as an application that can be provisioned for Admin level access? Allowing it to aggregate the different SailPoint internal entitlements and incorporate the into the access profiles/role model?

For instance to allow us to create a business role for HelpDesk users which includes the SailPoint HelpDesk Admin role.

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This post will help you.
Assign ISC Capabilities with Requestable Entitlements/Roles - Identity Security Cloud (ISC) / ISC Show and Tell - SailPoint Developer Community



In ISC, I see that the roles are now allowing us to assign the IdentityNow user levels as entitlements - such as ORG_ADMIN, SOURCE_ADMIN, ROLE_ADMIN, REPORT_ADMIN, HELPDESK, CERT_ADMIN etc.

I’ve documented my observations here : ISC User level assigned via Roles

Would you mind checking this out and providing any insights?


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