ListToCsv Rule and Identity Profile attribute mapping context?

I am sorry for my entry level IdentityNow Rule question, I need just a Developer community help for a better understanding how a General cloud executed Rule is getting the Application name, Native Identity and a name of Mapped Identity attribute when we use a cloud Rule in the Identity Profile ‘Mapping’ Tab?

Let’s say we have a native multivalued standard attribute at AD connector with the source name ‘Wild Forest 1’, called as ‘proxyAddresses’.

Well, I built an indexed searchable attribute as

{ "name": "allProxyAddresses", 
        "displayName": "All Proxy Addresses Attributes", 
        "applicationAttributes": { "YYYYY0867745f3b10177469563beXXXXX": "proxyAddresses" } 

Q1: In a Rule code when we use the Rule method idn.getRawAccountAttribute, should we reference to the application id (YYYYY0867745f3b10177469563beXXXXX), or to the application name (‘Wild Forest 1’)?

Q2: how to pass the nativeIdentity to the Rule method idn.getRawAccountAttribute if we use Identity Profile attribute UI Mapping?

Documentation said:
" If input is not provided, the transform [or Rule] will take its input from the source and attribute combination configured via the UI."

List multivals = (List) idn.getRawAccountAttribute(**Source Name, nativeIdentity**, "allProxyAddresses"");
			  return Util.listToCsv(multivals);