JDBC Provisioning Rule in IDN


I implemented a JDBC provision rule to handle the automatic account disablement. The JDBC disables the account at the source and the account status in the connector is changed to Disabled as expected. The issue that i’m facing is that when I run my account aggregation for the JDBC connector the account status for the JDBC source is changed to “Enabled”. Has anyone faced this issue with JDBC provision rule in IDN.

Hello Alex,

Did you added IIQDisabled account schema attribute in source account? if not then add attribute and update the account SQL query.


Hi Prasad,

Thanks for responding. When you said add the IIQDISABLED attribute to the jdbc source and update the account sql query, is the idea to filter those users that are disabled?

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Hi Prasad, I was able to get it to work. I added the attribute to the source and updated the account sql query. After running the aggregation the account status in the source remain Disabled. Thanks.

Can you show me the SQL q?