JDBC Connector Error

I am new to working with the JDBC connectors. I have a new connector and I am getting the following error and I have not been able to find what I need to fix. We have other JDBC connectors developed by a partner and I used them has a template to create the new one.

[“Null Object XML returned from cloud for type [Rule] with identifier[jdbcProvisionRule]”]

any help would be great

Hi @krigney,
Welcome to this community!

JDBC Provision Rule are required when you are trying to provision (i.e. create) accounts in a database.
“jdbcProvisionRule” is the name by default that should replace.
If provisioning is working for other JDBC source, you can try the following:

  1. Use the endpoint List Connector Rules to list available rules or
    get source details with the endpoint Get source. The JDBC Provision Rule is present in
    "description": "...",
    "owner": {...},
    "cluster": {...}
    "connectorAttributes": {
        "jdbcProvisionRule": "JDBC Provisioning Rule used",
  1. Update for your source the JDBC Provision Rule with the PATCH endpoint, with a payload like:
        "op": "add",
        "path": "/connectorAttributes/jdbcProvisionRule",
        "value": "JDBC Provisioning Rule used"

Hope this helps!

Thank-you that was it