JDBC Connector - authoritative source changes

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In a POC:
I have a JDBC connector which attaches to an authoritative source of data.
This is the SQL query: SELECT * from idam.vw_sailpointstaffusers

My question is, if there is a change in user information in the DB, would Sailpoint act on that change in real time, or would it require an aggregation to pick it up?

I cannot find any documentation on this aspect.

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Hi @phil_awlings,

IDN requires an aggregation to bring in the data from the target system. You can schedule multiple aggregations per day to bring in the frequent data changes if required.

You can find more info here

Hi @jesvin90 ,

Thank you. I wasn’t sure if there would have been a ‘push’ of data from the source for any delta changes.



For your use case you can perform the delta aggregation. Refer the below link

Hi @rajeshs
Thank you for you suggestion, but that will still require an aggregation.
The user story for this is:

An an existing user, if my details are amended, this information will be cascaded automatically through the system without requiring a scheduled (or manual) aggregation.

  • effectively the authoritative source is pushing the information into Sailpoint. If this is not possible then we will have to look at increasing the aggregation schedule. (and implementing a delta table in the aggregation period is too long)

Thanks again

Have you considered creating a trigger (on record update in the table) inside your DB that will run a PS script? You can use the PS script to send a request to ISC API to aggregate the account.

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Here’s a very basic workflow template that could accomplish what @iamnithesh is describing. You’d then write a PS script that would send an API call to activate that external trigger that starts this workflow.
Aggregateasourceondemand20240419.json (505 Bytes)

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That is an excellent idea.
I do have a quick follow up question, the documentation says to use this endpoint “POST /beta/sources/<source_id>/load-accounts”, but ‘load-accounts’ doesn’t exist anymore, neither in Beta, nor V3. Should I be using this endpoint “POST {{baseUrl}}/sources/:id/schemas/accounts”?

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Hi Adam,
Another good option but in this scenario, the client has not yet purchased the workflow module.

Fair enough. Everything could still just be directly accomplished with a PS script since it’s only really calling the account aggregation API. You can find the documentation for it here: import-accounts | SailPoint Developer Community

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Is there any reason why I cannot find the endpoint: https://sailpoint.api.identitynow.com/beta/sources/:id/load-accounts using postman?

I can call the endpoint, its not listed. Very strange


I would assume the devrel team just hasn’t loaded it into the postman collection yet as this API was published very recently.

replace “sailpoint” with your tenant name

Thanks @WyssAJ01 as I was not aware of this API. Was still using cc/api and hoping it would not be deprecated soon.
Wondering why are these not in alphabetical order like all other APIs under Beta list