ISC IdentityRefresh still executing

I have assigned a role containing source app ‘Coupa’ entitlements to an identity to trigger a new account provisioning for the identity on source ‘Coupa’. I notice the role got assigned to the identity successfully, but no Coupa account is getting provisioned. I looked at the event log on the identity and nothing jumps out, but when I search for the user using the ‘Search’ bar, I notice that a lot of Identity Refreshes (some of which were ran 30+ minutes ago) still show as executing. I’m wondering if this is the root cause since I think I would have gotten a provisioning error in the logs if the Coupa connector tried provisioning and failed.

Any thoughts?

Hi @dominick-miller,

To confirm if this due to the identity refreshes processing, I would suggest you to make a requestable entitlement/profile/role for “Coupa” source and perform access request for any other identity. If the request is not raised or if the request workflow got stuck in “Provisioning” step, then you can confirm this is due to lot of identity refresh tasks.

Thank you.
Shanmukh Gali


Just to add to Shanmukh’s suggestion.

You can also capture debug level logs within the VA if you have access to it. And additionally if you make the entitlements and or role requestable it will help you in capturing the exact step where the issue is happening in the account activity section within search.