Is there a bug in the provisioning completed trigger?

Hello everyone,
I created a workflow to remove an access profile after provisioning for 8 hours for elevated access accounts. For some reason this keeps happening. The workflow will run successfully. Other times it will run like this? Any advice? This morning the filter ran great 2 times time now its never-ending provisioning,


Hey Dawn,

I think your workflow is triggering for each time there is Provisioning Completed and having more than one condition matching. Could you try this below filter and see if it narrow downs the execution ?

$.accountRequests[*].attributeRequests[?(@.operation == ‘Add’ && @.attributeName == ‘assignedRoles’)]

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Someone else reccommeded something similar

$.accountRequests[*].attributeRequests[?(@.operation == ‘Add’ && @.attributeName != ‘detectedRoles’)]

Would these basically be the same?

It still happens where it does more than it’s supposed to

Were you able to find the output of the trigger from downloaded reports for these executions?

For failed or completed?

See these inconsistencies?

Both… all the execution that have happened including ones you think should not have happened and one you were expecting to happen…

Yes I have them do you want to see them?

Endless loop triggered

Can you check if it has the output from the trigger?

I only see input from the trigger, and the result

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