Is the Access Profile Flags attribute settable?

We are looking to tag a number of Access Profiles for various use cases within our IdentityNow environment, but ideally we would like those tags to be visible to delegated administrators and potentially requestors.
The GUI shows an attribute called “Flags” but I can’t see how it is writable and it isn’t something we can set through the GUI either. It doesn’t show the “Privileged” flag if we set an underlying entitlement as privileged either.
Is this just a left over legacy attribute?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

HI @Tellius ,

Please check set-tag-to-object | SailPoint Developer Community

Hi Dheeraj,
Thanks for that mate but ultimately I am after the Flags which is the last line of the Access Profile as you look at it in the UI.
Tags we can and are managing, but we were hoping for something more visible and the Flags are there and visible.

My best guess is that this is where you will see any issues related to the access profile

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