INOW and SOM cusom connector deployment


We have a setup for custom connector for service now and INOW.
Recently made changes to the node project on local machine.
We want to update the updated project to IDN through sailpoint CLI and postman SAAS collection , could you please guide us for the exact steps?
Yes we have gone through the documentation available at the sailpoint sites
but we only want to update the connector so what will be the steps needed for the same .
Let us know if you needs more information.

Hi @yogita_rathod8,

Once you have updated the project locally, following are the steps:-

  1. npm run pack-zip (resulting zip file should be in the dist folder)
  2. sail conn create "inow-connector" (To create the connector)
  3. sail conn list (This will help you list the connectors you created)
  4. sail conn upload -c [connectorID | connectorAlias] -f dist/[connector filename].zip (To upload the zip file which you build)

If you just want to upload the latest files then you need to follow step 1, 3 and 4.

Here’s the detailed documentation on this:-

Thank you for the reply.

Also one more thing we have issues with is

we are setting the environment in sailpoint CLI through powershell. its working for production but same set of commands are not working for sandbox environment

Please check below the commands we used for prod which worked :

sail set pat
sail set auth pat
sail environment
sail environment set

Below is the error we are getting while doing same for sanbox
PS C:\Users\yrathod\Desktop\sail_2.0.2_windows_amd64\bin> ./sail conn list
Error: failed to retrieve access token. status 401 Unauthorized

We have entered correct client ID and secret for setting up the env

Coukd you please help here?

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