Ignore validations creating Identity by Batch request

Hi Experts,

I would like create identities using Batch request in IdentityIQ but I need skip valiations of Creation form. Also I need create identities without required attributes

so, my question is, is there any way to detect when identity is created by UI form or by Batch request?, so in this case it would be possible calculate required fileds or custom validations in CreateIdentity form

Thanks in advance

Hi Ismael,

I haven’t done something like this before, but a couple ideas:

  1. The OOTB ‘LCM Create and Update’ workflow handles Identity creation. There is a variable:
<Variable input="true" name="batchRequestItemId">
      Used by the batch interface to record back individual request item status. The specific item id for the individual request in the batch file.

That should contain a value if the request was initiated through the batch process. You can test this buy switching the initiatlizer for the workflow variable ‘trace’ from FALSE to TRUE and then looking at the output of the workflow execution when you submit through batch vs single request.

You add a step early in the workflow to set a new workflow variable ‘isBatch’ to true based on the value passed in.

As the workflow continues, you’ll see it call a number of sub-processes - one of these is ‘Identity Request Initialize’, which then calls another sub-process ‘Do Provisioning Forms’.

Again, I’ve not done this but could be worth a try - you could pass your new ‘isBatch’ variable down to the subprocesses and then based on that, attempt to play with some of the step logic contained in the ‘Do Provisioning Forms’ subprocess workflow.