Storing ProvisioningPlan in Workflow variable changes identity in plan

I’m using IdentityIQ 7.2p3 2b0ff4c-20181211-122145.

I created a ProvisioningPlan in one workflow step (added AccountRequest and called setIdentity), store it in wfcontext. If I print plan.getIdentity(), it has a value.

Then in a later step I retrieved the plan (using wfcontext.getVariable()). If I print plan.getIdentity() here, it is null.

Is plan.setIdentity() not serialized when stored in workflow context?

Create a workflow variable plan, then return plan as resultVariable from the step you are creating the plan. Then plan will be available in the following steps.

You don’t understand the question. I already have a plan variable declared in the workflow.

I created a plan in workflow step 1. I called plan.setIdentity() and verified plan.getIdentity() with a println. Then I store plan in workflow.

In step 2 I can retrieve my plan from workflow variable. The problem is plan.getIdentity() is now null.