IDN - Timing of the "Account Disable" event


I am new to IDN. We have IDN implemented in our company. Currently, we have a connection to Active Directory. When an identity is offboarded from source Fusion, on the day of the termination day, the AD account is disabled. Is there a particular time that IDN will run this disable event? Is it something we can specify when to run the termination?

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The termination will run as soon as the Fusion accounts are aggregated and the LCS transform/rule evaluates the status to Terminate.

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So basically there are two ways an identities LCS is calculated;

  1. When account data for an identity is updated as part of an account aggregation.
  2. When the identity data is refreshed (twice a day, based on your tenants time zone setting)

In that second case, for instance you’d have an identities end date be passed and therefore the identity becomes terminated.

Please see here for more information;


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