IDN Source Accounts

Hi Experts,

I’m trying to retrieve the list of accounts from particular source in my Identitynow.

https://{tenantid} eq “2c91808380d899150180e16ffed43a00”

The above request returns the accounts of single source, I’m now trying to get accounts of multiple source through a single search query.

putting multiple filter is not working, Can someone suggest the right way of doing this.

Hi Chandra,

It looks like the list accounts endpoint supports the use of the in operator for the sourceId filter. You can try the following to retrieve accounts from multiple sources in a single query:

https://{tenantid} in (“sourceId1”,"sourceId2","sourceId3")
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Hi @colin_mckibben

Thanks for your reply.

I tried this query for 3 sources and it worked perfectly.

Now, I have 500 windows servers connected with Sailpoint Inow, for which I need to pull the accounts in a similar way which we did above. I know we can’t keep adding the source IDs for 500 servers.

Would you able to share me some reference script that we can use in GET request in postman body to retrieve the accounts of 500 servers.

Your Valuable suggestion will help here.

For 500 sources, you won’t be able to do this in a single query. Typically, HTTP servers impose a limit on the number of characters allowed in URLs, and 500 sourceIds would certainly approach that limit. Even if the server excepts that long of a URL, you will still have to handle pagination, as the max number of records that our APIs will return in a single page is 250. As you point out, you will need to write a script to repeatedly call the GET request for the 500 sources you have and paginate through the pages of accounts that will be returned.

Requesting all accounts from all sources is a network intensive procedure. Are you able to share your use case for getting all accounts? There might be a better solution to your problem rather than running this type of request.

Thanks for your reply.

My Aim is to get the list of accounts from all the 500 windows sources. I can do this by going to each windows source in Sailpoint and download the CSV file from Accounts Tab. But what I look for is, To get the list of accounts from all the windows sources in a single report.