IdentityNow-Workflows-Compare String with Get Access

Hi Team,
We can get all the access profile names/ids an Identity has using Get Access action in Workflows. Can we just check/compare if AccessProfile1 is present in Get Access list ? I want to send an Email if an Identity has a particular Access-profile.


The use case you have described involves filtering lists of data. Workflows doesn’t yet have a specific operator that can filter lists, but it is in the roadmap to provide one. There is a loop operator, but it is limited to lists of up to 50 items. As long as your identities don’t have more than 50 access profiles, you could use the loop operator to check each access profile for a match, and then send the email. Check the documentation for the loop operator to see how it works.

I may have found a solution to your problem. Check out this response I made in another post.

Hi @colin_mckibben , I seem to have one more simple workaround on this, We can just add “Get Access” action to fetch access profiles and then do a “Verify data type” action. on the action value can be added like this: $.getAccess.accessItems[?( == ‘your accessProfile’)].name .Based on this we can get true or false.