IdentityNow GitHub connector Features not working

Hi everyone,
After integration of GitHub with SailPoint IDN, performed a campaign to remove entitlement from one identity. It created a manual task insted of reflecting the result in GitHub appliaction.

Is the features mentioned in the connector document is only probable features or there is some other way to do the work?

Need help.

Welcome to the developer community @swapnasarit ,

What entitlement are you removing? Is it access to a github team?

Hi @colin_mckibben ,

After entitlement aggregation I got team details under entitlements.
Yes, It is access to a GitHub team.

This connector should support add/removal of teams. If you haven’t already, please submit a support ticket so they can investigate your tenant further.

Hi @colin_mckibben
Currently I am using IdentityNow as a partner and not sure whether I can raise a support ticket or not. Please let me know if it is possible as a partner.

Else, can you please raise a ticket internally and update me?

We absolutely support partners too :slight_smile: . This particular issue should be resolved faster with a support engineer investigating your logs, which I don’t have access to. Please try to raise a ticket. If you have any issues let me know.

Thank you for your response. I am able to raise a ticket in support with id #184355.
Please let me know if there is any other way to follow.