Entitlement not getting automatically removed from account after revoking it through Certification Campaign

Hi Experts,

We’ve created source (Connection Type: Direct Connection) using loopback connector (SaaS-Configuration).

Query #1:

Below mentioned 2 identities have been aggregated as “uncorrelated accounts” (Note: We’ve set the correlation logic and it’s working fine for rest of the identities).

We tried finding these identities in IdentityNow to understand the issue but unable to locate them.

Could you please help in understanding more about these 2 identities and why are these 2 coming as uncorrelated account?


Query #2:

If we revoke identity’s access (entitlement) through certification campaign, entitlement is not getting automatically removed from the account until we explicitly run aggregation.

We are referring Understanding Certifications - SailPoint Identity Services and expecting to get identity’s access (entitlement) automatically removed from source (as it’s Connection Type is Direction Connection), if it’s revoked through certification campaign.

Could you please help in understanding why is that happening and how can we get it fixed?

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