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:spiral_notepad: Description This plugin can be used to display Scrolling Text (marquee) on top of the Home Page.
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:arrow_double_down: Latest Version Version 3.1


This plugin can be used to display Scrolling Text on top of the Home Page.

Few use cases where this can be used,

  • Announce a system maintenance downtime
  • Announce release windows
  • Announce new features/modules are recently implemented
  • Remain certifiers about Access Review due dates
  • Display a link to SOPs
  • Display Help Desk mail address or Contact details

New In Version 3.1

  1. Added ‘Animation’ - 6 different animations to choose from also ‘No Animation’ makes the announcement a static text.
  2. Added ‘Fade In And Out’ - An additional animation to the above chosen one.
  3. Added ‘Pause On Hover’ - Pauses the chosen ‘Animation’ & ‘Fade In And Out’ animation(if chosen) on mouse hover, So its easy to read or click links.
  4. Added IIQ Form based UI for Plugin Configuration.
  5. Removed the deprecated Marquee based scrolling and replaced with CSS transformation based animation.


Server - Identity IQ 8.0 or above.
Browser - Any Chromium or Firefox browser (Internet Explorer not supported).



Simply drag and drop the plugin to install it



  • Click on configure button on the plugin to open the Plugin Configuration
  • Announcement – Text to be displayed in the Home Page, It also supports HTML tags
  • CSS Style – CSS Style that has to be applied to the text, like size, color e.t.c.
  • Show in Home Page – Check to display the announcement in home page
  • Animation – Choose one from six different types of animation.
  • Fade In And Out – Apply a fade in fade out animation in addition to the above animation.
  • Pause On Hover – When mouse is hovered on the announcement the above animations are paused.
  • Click Save button at the bottom to save the configuration.


Open or Reload the Home Page to see your announcement on top of the Page.


For bugs, feature enhancement requests, issues, or questions please contact me on LinkedIn or [email protected]


Great work @Shandeep !!
This is much needed for announcements in homepage on new features that are being built or mentioning about future application outages.
One query I have does this plugin work for edge browsers ?

Yes, It works on all browsers except Internet Explorer.

Thanks @Shandeep. Looking forward to use this plugin !!

Works like a charm! :smiley:


– Remold

Are you open to pull requests in your repository? I think there’s a better placement for the banner that I’ve used in my own plugins previously.

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@drosenbauer, Yes!!.

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The announcement text is working good when opening via spadmin. But when i am trying to login via a test account (Account not having admin capabilities), there is a popup asking me for username and password again and again, and i am not able to move ahead. Please suggest?

@shriya_agg ,

Thanks for reporting.
It has been fixed now.
Please get the latest Plugin Zip here

Before importing make sure to remove the old version from IIQ.

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Great work dear @Shandeep !!

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@Shandeep Hello. Love this plugin. Truly is very helpful. I have a question though. Is there a way to prevent it from scrolling across the screen? When providing a link, some users may struggle to click the link as its moving?

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Nice !
This is useful .

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Thanks for the great suggestion.
Currently there is no way to disable the scrolling, but I can add a toggle to Enable or Disable scrolling.


That would be amazing. We just implemented this plugin within our lower environment to play around with it. So far its amazing. Just a way to toggle, or even speed up/slow down the scroll would also suffice. Thanks so much.

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Check out Version 3.0.

I have added an option to disable scrolling and also few other animations to play with :smile:

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Thanks very much. I will check it out!

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Fantastic job @Shandeep :+1:

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Looks amazing! I think the stop on hover is super useful. One last question. When I hover over the link it actually disappears. Almost like onhover is changing the text to white or something? Any CSS I can provide it to prevent this?

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Looks good, Thank you.

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@FELDHK1 try this

SailPoint will be on scheduled maintenance on 12/05/2024 from 6 PM to 11 PM for more details <a href='' target='_blank' style='color:red;'>Check here</a>

Just added a style attribute to the anchor tag.