Identity Password Reset

Hi Folks,

Does the password changes in identity level (via Reset Password) propagates to the downstream sources as well ?

On testing this case in our dev environment, we didn’t see the password changes reflecting in the downstream apps.

We have all the direct connected sources configured in a password sync group pointing to a default password policy.

Could you please confirm on this functionality ?

Hi @prashanthrns

to propagate the password change you need to be sure of few thing:

  1. A governance group is created and the governance group include AD and all the downstream application that you want to reset the password

  2. AD is configured as Sign-in method in the Identity profile.

  3. All the downstream application in the governance group are supporting password reset operation

Hi @gustavo_mariscal I wonder how a governance group can help propagating the passwords to other downstream systems ? Could you please elaborate a little on this part?

Hi @prashanthrns I think @gustavo_mariscal means a Sync Group on the Password Mgmt tab.