HyperLinks in Entitlement Description for Identity Now

Hello Everyone,

We were trying to add Hyperlinks in Entitlement descriptions we and came across Solved: Hyperlinks in managed attributes - Compass (sailpoint.com), so we tried entering in unicode format, but it did not work.

Please let me know if there is any other way to add HyperLinks in Entitlement Description in Identity Now, so when user clicks on it link, they should be redirected to a new tab to display the content?

Thanks in Advance

Welcome to the developer community Ajinkya.

Hyperlinks in the description of entitlements, or any other object, doesn’t sound like a feature that we intentionally support. If this is an important use case for you, I recommend you submit an idea for what it is you are trying to accomplish. Our product team might be able to support your use case with a proper enhancement to entitlements.

Hi Colin,

Thanks a lot for the confirmation, I will submit an idea in the portal.

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