How to pass access profile id's in create Campaign Api

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We have a requirement to create a campaign for access profiles and roles that are assigned to users from request center only. Campaign should not contain any birthright access.

So we choose create campaign API to create campaign by fetching the access profile and role ids which the user has dynamically. We want to use these id’s in create campaign API under searchCampaignInfo tag as shown in the screenshot below.

When we pass the static ids we are able to create the campaign. But when I want to fetch the ids and pass them dynamically we are not able to create campaign with items to review. All I see is a campaign is created and with 0 reviews in it.

When I see the HTTP Step OutPut where create campaign API is used I see workflow is not converting it id’s and considering the code as string.

So here I am looking for help on how to make this as dynamic so that I can pass all of the ids.


These are the different steps that I have in the workflow and Http request step gives me all of the id’s of the access profiles and roles which the user has

Define Variable 1 give me all of the ids which i want when I use same code which is in my first post.

Hi @udayputta, I have moved your topic to IIQ Discussion and Questions.

hi @jordan_violet We are facing this in IdentityNow. I am not sure if this should be in IIQ Discussion and Questions. If that should be thank you for moving it.

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My apologies—moved to the right place!

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We have made it working with the below logic once we get the Access Profile ID’s

"searchCampaignInfo": {
							"accessConstraints": [
									"ids.$": "$.hTTPRequest.body[*].id",
									"operator": "SELECTED",
									"type": "ACCESS_PROFILE"
									"ids.$": "$.hTTPRequest.body[*].id",
									"operator": "SELECTED",
									"type": "ROLE"
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