How to measure aggregation times


We need monitorizee aggregation times in IDN because we want generate reports to know what is the time is consuming when aggregation task is launched

We can obtain this information in IDN in System activity, but is it possible get this information via REST API?

Thanks in advance

Hi Ismael,

This information is only available in the v1 source get API that I’ve seen (I do not believe these APIs are officially supported by SailPoint, use at your own risk):


And you get two values:

  "acctAggregationEnd": 1635333797158,
  "acctAggregationStart": 1635333793878,

This is Java epoch time in ms, so for a duration you can just subtract the two.

This information isn’t available in any of the v3/beta APIs that I’ve seen. Unfortunately this API also has to be called individually for every source since the /api/source/list API doesn’t return these values for some reason. This means if you want to list it for all your sources, it’ll take some time to run…

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Hi @Ramiro ,

Thanks for your reply!. This information is a feasible solution for us.