How to get all entitlements for all the IDN sources

We have 33k entitlements in IDN (all sources), we are unable to get all the entitlements from postman using below API. (we are able get only first 250 entitlements records)
so, can anyone please suggest me how to get all the entitlements.

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SailPoint APIs uses Pagination using offset and limit which is a technique in API design for retrieving a large set of results in smaller, manageable chunks.

You need to pass these query parameter in your request to parse other pages:

  • Offset: Offset represents the starting point within the total result set. It indicates the number of items to skip before starting to collect the desired set of data.
    In the provided example with offset: 0, it means you want to start fetching results from the beginning of the result set.

  • Limit: Limit determines the maximum number of results to be returned in a single request, which is 250 here.

You can refer here: list-entitlements | SailPoint Developer Community

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Assuming you need to output this to a file or something like that, you can use the PowerShell SDK to export them to a file

invoke-paginate -function "get-betaentitlements" -increment 250 -limit 35000 -initialoffset 0 | Export-Csv -notypeinformation "C:\Temp\entitlements.csv"

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