How to get account entitlements of an Identity using the REST Web Service or java code in custom connector

I am working on a custom connector and would like to get the identity entitlements for a particular account in the backend code which extends to AbstractConnector. The problem will be solved if I get an API which can give me just the account entitlements of an Identity. Or any java code which can give me the same.

When tried the chrome inspect the URL I am seeing is something like below but its can’t use as this has some dynamic values whose logic I am not aware of.

  1. Request URL:

  2. Request Method: GET

Hi Vineet,

Have you looked into using the search API to get the information you need? We typically would not recommend using the cc APIs unless the functionality does not exist elsewhere. If you can build the search query in IDN, then you can use the API to get the same information, which could be enough for your connector. Search | SailPoint Developer Community

You can use the get accounts endpoint and filter by sourceId and identityId to get the source account of your desired identity.

GET https://{tenant} eq ‘{id}’ and identityId eq ‘{id}’

Then, you can call the get account entitlements endpoint with the accountId from the last call to get the entitlements.