How to force IdentityRefresh after authoritative source aggregation every single time

We have a requirement to terminate the user at 5:30 PM local time, and we are using a transform to achieve this based on lifeCycleState attribute. So the cloudLifecycleState must change to Inactive at 5:30 PM local time as per country code value. However, we have observed that it requires ‘Identity Refresh’ to trigger this change, which happens only twice a day. So the user is not getting terminated until next ‘identity refresh’ is triggered. Even source aggregation is not triggering this change, as it sees no change on end-date. Is there any way to force Identity Refresh based on Authoritative aggregation for all records, and trigger transform to achieve termination based on respective timezone 5:30pm.

Thank you,
Rahul Barole

Hi @rahulbarole,

I am calling via API for refresh, we dont see any schedular task for these kind of tasks like Refresh task, Perform maintaince. I am also looking any other options we can do automatically.


Hi Rahul,

We have similar requirement. Any update? Is there any possibility ‘identity refresh’ timings can be changed?


Wouldn’t a trigger and/or a workflow work? Trigger to see the aggregation completion and something to launch an API call to refresh?

I think @kwhipple is on to something. You can create a Workflow that uses the “Account Aggregation Completed” trigger to kick off the workflow once your source aggregation has completed. You can also apply a filter to this trigger so it only triggers when a specific source has finished aggregating.

Then, you can configure an HTTP Request action to use the refresh identity profile endpoint. Just put the correct identity profile ID in the URL and it will refresh all identities under that profile.

That should satisfy your use case.