Refresh lifecycle state to trigger cloud automated LCS events

We have a scenario where sources to disable configuration was missed on newly created Identity Profile of a new authoritative source.
Now that we have the ID Profile LCS configured correctly, we would like to disable all the users who were terminated.
Currently, setting the LCS of identities again through API is triggering the cloud automated terminate event but would like to know if there is any way to refresh LCS of ID profiles to trigger the terminate event to the accounts on all sources through newly configured IDP Profile LCS settings.

Try this…

  1. Create a temporary LCS named termitemp in the subject IDP
  2. Duplicate your current transform that sets the LCS values to a new temporary transform and modify it to return termitemp in place of terminated in original transform
  3. Map LCS to this temporary transform, Save and Run identity refresh
  4. Wait until previous Identity refresh completes and few minutes longer
    Revert back to original transform, Save and run identity refresh again
  5. Remove the temporary LCS and Transform created

Thanks for the response, @iamnithesh
Since this is in production, I won’t be able to try switching transforms and LCS.
I was expecting something like LCS reset endpoint to trigger the identities to set the state all at once.

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