How to filter Roles in the Roles catalague during request access through something like classifications

During the self request access, I would enable the user to filter roles by a label that helps the end user to find quickly the roles access that he needs.
I try to import a calssification to use it to filter an IT Role but I had errors during the import from xml file.
Are the classfications a solution to my purpose?

the xml that I try to import is that one in the documentation that contains the following:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<!DOCTYPE Classification PUBLIC "sailpoint.dtd" "sailpoint.dtd">
<Classification id="" name="PHI" displayName="Protected Health Information" origin="MyIndependentDataSource">
      <entry key="sysDescriptions">
           <entry key="en_US" value="Allows access to Protected Health Information"/>
           <entry key="fr_FR" value="Permet l’accès aux informations de santé protégées"/>

Hi @lakifsara

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Classifications are generally used to flag sensitive data and is mostly used along with SailPoint’s File Access Manager module. For filtering the entitlements during access request, you can try leveraging any searchable extended attributes on the Bundle. This will help user find roles quickly based on the label.
For more information on Classification, visit this page: Classifications in IdentityIQ - Compass (

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