Guide for Writing Blog Posts

Community members that write and publish a blog post in our Developer Community Blog will receive points towards retaining their Ambassador status. While anyone in the community can post a topic to the IIQ or IDN Show and Tell categories, only our Ambassadors will be granted access to a private blog draft category where they can draft blog posts for review by SailPoint. Once the post is approved, it will be published in the main blog category for the community to see, and the points will be awarded to the Ambassador that authored the post. We are also looking into promoting new blog posts on a dedicated page on Below you will find additional information and tips for completing this requirement.

Getting access to the blog

We do not allow direct submissions to the blog category. If you are an Ambassador or an Ambassador in training, you will automatically be added to the blog draft category, which is private to SailPoint admins and Ambassadors. This is where you will draft your blog post and receive feedback from the SailPoint team regarding content, structure, and grammar.

What should I write about?

Successful blog post submissions will be:

  • Original - We want original work that hasn’t been published elsewhere and exhibits original thoughts and interesting points of view we can’t find anywhere else.
  • Well-written - Blog posts must conform to the Vonage style guide. We are happy to help proofread, but submissions should only need minor editing.
  • Code-driven - The result of your post should be something a reader can build upon. The code should be clearly explained and helpfully split up.

The audience for this blog will be developers and technical users of the SailPoint platform. In order to write a blog post that resonates with the developer community, we encourage you to focus on extensibility as your subject. Extensibility generally means anything that you can do that is not provided out-of-the-box in the user interface. This can include, but is not limited to, the following features of SailPoint:

  • APIs
  • Event Triggers
  • Workflows
  • Rules
  • Transforms
  • Web Service Connector
  • SaaS Connector
  • Beanshell scripts
  • and more…

We encourage you to check out published blog posts to get an idea of the content we are looking for. You can also reach out to a member of the Developer Relations team with a summary of what you intend to write before you begin. This will help to ensure you are focusing on the right content that will resonate with the audience before you get to the review and publish phase.

How do I publish my blog?

Forum admins are the only group that have the ability to publish blog posts. Once your blog draft has been approved by a member of the SailPoint Developer Relations team, we will publish your blog post for you.