Guide for GitHub Pull Requests

If you are participating in our Ambassador program, then a great way to contribute to the developer community while earning points is to submit and merge pull requests (PRs) to a repository that relates to a SailPoint product. This can be a repository in the official SailPoint open source GitHub, or it can be in a community managed repository that you or somebody else maintains. Here are some tips for contributing pull requests.

Link your GitHub account to your forum profile

In order for us to track your pull request contributions and award you points, you must first link your GitHub account to your SailPoint Developer Community Profile. Click here to connect your GitHub account to your profile. When the authorization is complete, you will see your GitHub account in your community profile.

Pull Request (PR) limitations

At this time, we are not imposing any restrictions or limitations on PRs. There is no limit to the number of PRs you can contribute, and we don’t alter the point value based on the quality or size of the PR. We just ask that you please do not abuse this, and that you contribute with integrity and good intent.

Opening and merging a PR

In order to get points for this contribution type you must open a PR and get it merged by the maintainer. The points will be awarded on the day that the PR is merged.

Tracking PRs in a non-SailPoint owned repository

If you are contributing to a project that isn’t in the official SailPoint open source GitHub, that’s ok. Just let us know the URL of the repository you contribute to and we will start tracking it.

What if I’m the maintainer of a SailPoint open source project?

If you are the maintainer of an open source project that relates to a SailPoint product, then we applaud you for your major contribution :clap: . Any pull requests you contribute to your own repository will be counted towards the completion of this requirement, even if you approve them yourself. Just make sure you share the repository URL with us so we can track your PRs.

Do documentation contributions count as PRs?

Yes, pull requests that fix or add documentation to count towards this requirement. We encourage anyone to contribute to our documentation! However, we ask that you don’t abuse this by intentionally breaking up a PR into several smaller ones to stretch the point value. For example, if you proofread a document that has several spelling mistakes, please only open a single PR to fix all spelling mistakes as opposed to several smaller PRs that fix a single mistake at a time.

Let us know if you have any ideas or questions about this requirement in the comments.

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