Give admin work groups Access to view "Access Requests" items they are authorized for

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Version 8.3
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We have a requirement that Unix Admin workgroup members want to see all the UNIX access requests submitted for the users (by any requestor). At the same time, They should not be able to see any other Access Requests that is not Unix.

Is there any way to do this?.

Hi @subitha,

Please check out these resources and see if you can construct a custom user capability to address this. If this doesn’t help, you’ll probably have to develop a custom UI.

Hi @subitha ,

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I suggest you to use a simpler way for the workgroup to view the access request originating from a particular application.
Use the Out of the box report “Access Request Status report” which will provide you all the necessary details about the access request.

Additionally to make sure this workgroup receives only the information about a particular application, use the filer and select the application.

Note: Add the workgroup in the email recipient in your report config.

You can schedule this report to run from certain dates to avoid unnecessary data.



Thank you Sreeram. I will check this

Thank you Balaji. They want the flexibility to check the status anytime they want. Scheduling the reports will provide them the status once a day or depending on the schedule. But it is a quick workaround. Thank you we will suggest this solution.

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I don’t think you can restrict track request for particular application to specific workgroup . sailpoint has capability that you can submit multiple entitlement from different application in single request .

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