GET /api/integration/listSimIntegrations

Replaced by

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It seems that the replacement API is not getting the integrations of “type”: “ServiceNow”
Currently, in our environment, this API call:
GET /cc/api/integration/listSimIntegrations
returns one record, the integration is of the “type”: “ServiceNow”

This API call:
GET /v3/service-desk-integrations
Returns 3 records, all integrations of “type”: “ServiceNow SDIM”

The replacement does not really get the type of records returned by cc/api/integration/listSimIntegrations, any advice on how to retrieve them?

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If anyone is having issues with the replacement endpoint not returning the expected list of SIM integrations, please open a support ticket. Engineering needs to see what is going on with your specific environment to understand what the problem is.