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We are using the default SaaS Freshservice Connector, our customer Freshservice has a custom_field set in the Freshservice side, taking a look at the Freshservice API there is a field that return this attributes, but is not mapped as default in the SaaS conector.

My question is, there is a way to map this attribute in the schema? I’ve try some syntax in the account schema, but no lucky with that, I’ve try:


I was not able to aggregate any value from this tests, I’m running a non-optimized aggregation after change the Account Schema.

Anyone know how to map a custom attribute in this SaaS Connectors?


Hi Felipe,

This is a good example of where you can use a connector customizer to pull in the custom field into the attributes. With the customizer, you can override the AccountCreate and AccountUpdate commands to set the custom field from IdentityNow.

You can also fetch the connection parameters for the Freshservice application by using the readConfig() method in the customizer:

    // Get connector source config and use to get credentials, url and other parameters needed 
    // to make a custom call to the freshservice application
    const config = await readConfig()

The only problem you might run into is you will not be able to retrieve that custom field in the AccountList operation as the customizer does not allow for overriding accountList.

Hi Philip,

This was a good recommendation, but since we need this attributes to use in the correlation rule I think this will not work for us, since we cannot use the customizer in the accountList. Hope to see the customizer for the accountList support soon.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @fmunerato, I would suggest to raise an idea on it for supporting custom attributes in Freshservice connector. Thanks!

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