Form data that has been submitted with field as dropdown giving list out put with out any seperator


We have developed a workflow that captures all the form data and creates a salesforce ticket through an external trigger. The problem is while sending an form data with objecttype as list($.trigger.formData.listOfValues) to a http requestbody it is creating salesforce ticket but the output of $.trigger.formData.listOfValues is showing as [value1 value2 value3] means without any seperator between the values.
How to pass the listofvalues object as comma seperator in JSON?

thanks in advance

Inline variables in workflows will not work with objects or arrays. Objects and arrays are output as golang maps and arrays, which are not compatible with JSON. Inline variables only work with single value items, like strings, numbers, and booleans. This is why you are seeing [value1 value2 value3], because that is how golang serializes the value. As of now, there is no mechanism in workflows to make inline variables that reference arrays or objects output as JSON.