Fetch Reviewers pending approvals and replacing approver if on leave via workflow - Error on /beta/approvals

Is this api not in use for getting pending approval on any reviewer ?

  "errorName": "NotFoundException",
  "errorMessage": "RESTEASY003210: Could not find resource for full path: http://tenant.api.identitynow.com/approvals-beta/approvals?mine=true&requesterId=504696c2f5014df3b16b3585b564ea15&filters=status%20eq%20PENDING",
  "trackingId": "a2af086481594374b67cbab88bed18ff"

am getting error → any update on this api request ?

The get-approvals | SailPoint Developer Community API you found is brand new to the ISC documentation and doesn’t appear to be functional yet.

You can use this existing V3 API to get pending access request approvals:

You have put “approvals-beta”. SHould it not be “beta”?

when i am running
Get → https://tenant.api.identitynow.com/beta/approvals
the output am getting is → i don’t know why it is calling internally to this api

“errorName”: “NotFoundException”,
“errorMessage”: “RESTEASY003210: Could not find resource for full path: http://tenant.api.identitynow.com/approvals-beta/approvals?mine=true&requesterId=504696c2f5014df3b16b3585b564ea15&filters=status%20eq%20PENDING”,
“trackingId”: “a2af086481594374b67cbab88bed18ff”

This seems like a bug. @colin_mckibben Could you look into this?

@osmanmohammed thanks for surfacing this. This is a documentation issue. The team is working on updating the spec to point to the correct endpoint for generic approvals. PLTCORE-4790. Until the docs are updated, the correct endpoint should be


The doc change has been merged. It will be updated on the site within the hour.

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